Bangkok Tree House, a green resort located in the ever famous Green Lung area (otherwise known as Bang Krachao) in Bangkok. Urbanisation is restricted in many aspects here and thus this island is still kept in a pretty natural state ‘so far’. This is why Bangkok Tree House fits in perfectly into the picture. For those of you who haven’t heard of The Green Lung, here are a few interesting articles written about it:

Where side walks end
New York Times

Bangkok Tree House offers unique accommodation and food which are environmental friendly to the island. On their website they talked about their efforts on keeping their resort green and environmental friendly. Everything sounded so perfect and eco-friendly. LED lighting, upcycling, fresh organic home grown veggies, local hiring policies, line-dried laundry, waste composting, etc.  They mentioned that their cooking is carbon free such that they use solar cookers for their drinks but did not really say if other cooked food too are using solar cookers.
Bangkok Tree House has also mentioned that they grow plants in their guests rooms for pure air.



Growing plants are good for the environment and air. True that but dude, plants don’t produce oxygen at night. They take in oxygen at night because there’s no light to process photosynthesis thus they only ‘breathe’ thus produce carbon dioxide. Only a few plant species produces oxygen at night. But well, it’s not like the air is really limited unless you’re growing a jungle in your room or else some green in rooms is really a nice thing.




There are basically 5 different types of accommodation available here. The Family Nest, View with a Room, Bee-Hive, Tree-top, and the most unique of all: River Nest.

The Family Nest provides great lighting with their high ceiling concept, open air roof, and even the toilet could be open to the nature when you draw all the blinds up. They have complimentary breakfast, personal computer in room, free bicycle and even provide free cell phone with a local number for their guests living there. And with all these ‘free’ stuff coming in you pay for the price of course. It costs about 8,600baht per night (285USD).

The View with a Room on the other hand in my point of view though the idea is really cool to sleep 7 meters up in the nature, it doesn’t measure up to the price of 6,590baht per night (215USD). We’re in Thailand, on an island and there will be mosquitoes and birds and bees, most of all, sun and rain. What do you do when it rains during your sleep? Or when a pigeon flew past and drop in some free ‘snacks’ while you’re sleeping with your mouth wide open? With that price I’ll prefer to stick to a roof over my head with air-conditioning at a slightly cheaper rate in their bee-hive or tree top nest accommodation.

The most interesting idea they had here will definitely go to their river nest where you will float to your sleep. There’s no price mentioned as yet. It could be very challenging cos apart from the insects and weather issue, you will have to be conscious of where you’re turning and tossing to when you fall in your deep slumberland. Someone write to me if you have tried this! It’ll be a Robinson Crusoe experience!



I personally has been to this café myself and love it as you can only access to the café via foot or bicycle. After a nice bicycle ride, some air-conditioning and ice cold coffee just chills off the heat.  Have a try on their homemade ice-cream and some tasteful local dessert. Their prices are pretty reasonable although you might to wait a little longer sometimes when they’re shorthanded. But isn’t that the case anywhere else too?

So pop by to Bangkok Tree House and take a look when you’re in Bang Krachao. It’s worth an ice-cream.





Georgi has lived in Thailand on & off for almost 7 years now. French, born and grownup in Singapore, she has always believed that sustainability is the solution for the future. Having lived in several developed countries, she devotes herself to create more awareness on simple sustainable lifestyle for Thai locals and foreigners living or visiting Thailand.  

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September 5, 2018