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Eiamdee Recycle: The Yellow Truck of Treasure

Dome was working with a TV production team doing documentary for over 15 years until he decided to make the change. Seeing waste management as an issue in Thailand and feeling the pain of unattended orphans in the North, he decided to tie both of these together and create a social enterprise. With his self-designed yellow truck, he turned the waste collected into profits and happiness for the children in need.

Situated in Chiang Mai. Dom will drive around most part of the city with his little yellow truck to pick up all the recyclable products you have at home. For FREE! He will also buy some of the stuff from you and resell them to the right channel.

30% of his profits goes to the underprivileged individuals especially the orphans up in Chiang Rai.

Accepted products:

  • Cartons and books
  • Plastics
  • Clothes
  • all types of metals
  • glass bottles
  • Electrical appliances
  • Office equipment

Unaccepted products:

  • styrofoam
  • toxic materials
  • liquid waste
  • bulky, oversize items that cannot fit in his yellow truck

Give him a call at 093 132 9168 to make an appointment for him to pick your stuff up from your home.

Due to the overwhelming responses from people, Dom is seeking for individuals who would like to volunteer to help him transport bulky stuff from homes of individuals to different recycling centres. You will be able to get profit from the sales of these resold items with similar conditions as Eiamdee. 30% of the profits going to the underprivileged.

If you have any type of vehicle and would like to help him out anytime when you’re available, please do not hesitate to contact Dome.