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Phu Sompor

Phu Sompor or Phu Som, is a combination of Thai local wisdom with biological technology. Using all natural products, their products are safe for consumers, environment friendly and 100% natural. 

Harish Khowsut creator behind Phu Sompor combined technology from microbial fermentation with local knowledge passed down through generations. With this, he created several different house cleaning products that are totally safe and allergen free.


The combination of biological technology and local wisdom

Using modern technology, Phu Som extracts natural substances to be used to replace chemicals for housecleaning products. They are products such as dishwashing detergent, floor and bathroom cleaning products. These natural raw materials varies from fresh fruits, Thai herbs to natural plants. He uses effective microorganisms through fermentation to create biological substance that is clean and pure. These cleaning products can do all the cleaning jobs just as well as those commercialised chemical products. And most importantly, they do not harm the user and are not toxic to the environment.

Orders can be taken by giving them a call, through line or even purchase at Ecotopia in Siam Discovery.


Cleaning Products – Dishwashing liquid, Floor cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner & Liquid detergent