Peter Wainman, a former investment banker and scientist started developing a severe allergic reaction with asthma attacks and burning sensation on his back in 2010 for several weeks. He couldn’t figure out the reason to such reaction despite cutting out all the commonly known food and products that could have cause allergies. Finally when he dumped all his old clothes away, his allergy stopped. It was a new fabric softener that his maid had used that caused this reaction. This allergy was actually caused by quaternary ammonium. A product that is commonly found in most fabric softener. I remembered one of my guest who rented my apartments in Airbnb complained about him having allergic reaction after using the towels which was washed by the laundry shop that used fabric softener regularly.

Peter and his family featured on a a local magazine
Peter and his family featured on a a local magazine

Peter started getting concern about this issue and decided to switched to using natural products for cleaning. But the truth is that the choices for natural cleaning products are very limited and scarce or ineffective. This is when Pipper Standards is born. Together with a chemist and microbiologist, they started to explore on the aspect of using the fermentation process of fruits that yields natural organic acids, natural enzymes and biosurfactants (Biosurfactants (BS) are amphiphilic compounds produced on living surfaces, mostly microbial cell surfaces, or excreted extracellularly and contain hydrophobic and hydrophilic moieties that reduce surface tension (ST) and interfacial tensions between individual molecules at the surface and interface, respectively.) to break down dirt and stains substances.

Pineapple turned out to be the best choice. The patented their products and in 2014, Pipper started to branch out into the supermarkets in Bangkok and then out to Singapore, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos and the Maldives.


Allergies in children and adults

With more and more chemicals being used these days in our products, sicknesses and allergies increased over the years too. The cost of using chemicals and artificial ingredients are way more convenient and cheap thus explaining reasons for large companies using them. According to Peter, “That’s what an allergy is: a malfunctioning of the immune system. If we can decrease the amount of chemicals we’re exposed to, it may help to reverse this trend of increasing allergy rates.”
Pipper’s products will definitely be well appreciated to people who has allergies and anyone who is conscious about health.

Pen PINEAPPLE apple pen

It took Peter and his team 2 years to find the right fruit for their products, Pineapple. They use the fermentation process to produce natural preservatives and with high control in quality and monitoring, they have now a nice line of home cleaning products totally natural and non-irritant to skin.
The Dermscan Asia have also clinically tested and certified that their products are hypoallergenic and non-irritant. What’s more, their laundry detergent products do not contain any allergen which is specifically listed under the allergy patch test and approved by the U.S. FDA (the T.R.U.E. TEST ® ).


Contribution to the sustainable living

Pipper purchases their pineapple directly from local farmers in Nakornsawan, Thailand in order to support the rural community. According to an interview conducted by, the whole pineapple except for the stalk is fermented and, once the fluid is filtered out for use in the cleaning products, the remains of the fruit are used as animal feed. The animal manure from the animals are then used to grow the crops back in the fields.

Pipper Standard’s cleaning products are also certified by the Thailand Textile Institute to biodegrade more than 90 per cent after one month, and thus do not contaminate the environment when discharged through the sewage system.
To be sure of what they acclaimed, the company added drops of the pineapple-derived cleaning products into a tank of aquatic plants and found no harmful impact on the plants. They did the same experiment with the same amount of chemical cleaning products in another tank of aquatic plants and they died after four days.

The only concern I have is that they did not have many refill packages for their products and most of the products are sold in solid plastic thus regular customers who would like to purchase the same products again will have to buy new bottled products. It will be much appreciated that they could provide a possible solution for returning customers like to return the bottles for a rebate or offering a refill pack instead to reduce plastic circulation.

Efficacy of products

The Pipper Standard team not only made an effort to sustainable living, they have also tested their products to be sure of its efficacy.

During their R&D development, the team measured the intensity of stains on fabrics before and after they were washed with their pineapple derived products and found that they clean as well or if not even better than the chemical varieties.

I’ve did some research online and found several other bloggers who have tested and review their products. Below are the reviews summary:

Kiddo Hut (Singapore)

Interestingly and surprisingly, such natural products clean much better than the chemical products. I was brought over by Pipper Standard products after trying them myself.

I tried to remove the cooking stain on my stove using their Multi-Purpose Cleaner and it cleaned instantaneously and effortlessly. There is no rinsing required and it is safe which is especially important for cleaning the cooking area. I think this is a terrific news for people who cook frequently.

Sassy Mama SG

We’ve had a chance to try out their full range of products, including Laundry Detergent, Fabric Softener, Stain Remover, Floor Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner, Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Dishwashing Liquid, and the results were fantastic. Not to mention our house smelled great! (Multi-purpose cleaner, liquid hand soap, and bathroom cleaner are all coming soon, mama!) The dishwashing liquid is so safe, in fact, that you can even use it to wash your fruits and veggies (just use one pump of soap per litre of water).

2 Madames (Thailand)

Translated from Thai:
After washing it, the bottom stains that does not use PiPPER STANDARD Stain Remover are still there after washing whereas the top stains using Pipper Standard is totally gone.

I would say go try for it yourself. You can request for some samples on their website Pipper Standard or purchase them online through Lazada or get them straight from most supermarkets. The price is a little higher than normal commercial products but hey, how much does it cost to buy your health and well-being?


Georgi has lived in Thailand on & off for almost 7 years now. French, born and grownup in Singapore, she has always believed that sustainability is the solution for the future. Having lived in several developed countries, she devotes herself to create more awareness on simple sustainable lifestyle for Thai locals and foreigners living or visiting Thailand.  

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September 5, 2018